Some things to consider when buying trailer springs

Whatever type of trailer you have, the right springs are essential. They provide suspension and keep the trailer stable. There are many different types and sizes of spring, so you will have to think about your needs before deciding which type to get.


The first thing to consider is the weight of the trailer and its load. Trailer springs all have a maximum load that they can cope with, and it is dangerous to exceed this limit. You should therefore make sure you know the weight that you will be pulling, and make sure you use springs that can cope with it.


Next, think about the kind of suspension you will need. If you will be using your trailer on a level and smooth surface, you will not need much suspension and so an ordinary slipper spring will be sufficient. If, however, you will be pulling your trailer on uneven or rocky terrain you will need good suspension to protect your trailer. In this case, you will need a rocker-roller system, which combines two springs with rockers to absorb the shocks from the ground.


A third consideration is the size and type of trailer that you are using. There are many different types of trailers and they have different uses. Car trailers and bike trailers, for example, will have different spring requirements because of their very different shapes and weight, as well as the way they will be used. Make sure your springs are suitable for use with the size and weight distribution of your trailer.


Next, you will need to be sure that your springs are compatible with the suspension that is already installed on your trailer. You may need to use special bolts or installation kits in order to fit the springs correctly to the existing suspension, so find out in advance if you will need any accessories to use with the springs.


Finally, make sure that the springs will be of a high-enough quality to take the treatment they will suffer. A heavy trailer on rocky ground will put a lot of strain on the springs and they can quickly start to wear if they are not durable enough. You might want to think about corrosion-resistant springs that will last for longer than other types.

The right trailer spring can make all the difference between a smooth towing experience and a rough and shaky ride. Just talk to your supplier if you are not sure which springs you should be using.

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