Which scissor lift should you hire?

Whether you are carrying out maintenance work, starting a building project or redecorating, working at ground level is easy, but there are always times when you must reach higher. Perhaps, you need to access light fittings in the ceiling or make a repair to a roof? Maybe, you are working outdoors where a ladder would be completely impractical? In any of these situations, a scissor lift could be the ideal solution. Arranging to pick up a lift from a company that offers rental scissor lifts is often the easiest way to complete high up jobs without injuring yourself or struggling to carry tools and equipment up a ladder.

Choosing your lift

Rental scissor lifts are available in many configurations, so before making your choice, you must think through how you want to complete your project and pick the most appropriate scissor life for your situation. Some questions you must address include:

Are you working outdoors?

One of the most fundamental considerations when choosing a scissor lift is how it will be powered. When working indoors, there will be a ready supply of electricity, so an electrically powered scissor lift is probably the best option. Rental scissor lifts that require electricity are supplied with all the necessary cables and can be plugged in and used almost immediately. If you need to work in a more remote area, a scissor lift driven by a diesel engine is a better choice.

What is the terrain?

With a lift, it is common to focus on what is overhead, but you can't ignore the ground. If you are indoors, you must ensure that your repair work on one section of the building doesn't cause further problems by damaging the floor. Choosing a company whose rental scissor lifts have non-marking tyres can prevent you from causing any damage that could harm the reputation of your company. If you must drive the scissor lift over bumpy off-road terrain to reach your site, heavy-duty tyres are vital, and perhaps a stabilizer option could stop the lift from tipping over if the journey is especially rough.

Is there suitable access?

Sometimes, the ground may be flat, but it is hard for the scissor lift to reach the working area for another reason. Maybe, the road leading to the site is narrow, or you need to work in a room with a narrow doorway, and a standard scissor lift won't fit? If the access route is restricted, ask the company about narrow rental scissor lifts. Narrow scissor lifts can get through much tighter gaps than standard lifts and allow you to work in more confined spaces.

Contact a service that offers rental scissor lifts to learn more.

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