A Few Things Worth Noting About Residential Plumbing Excavation

Your home's plumbing network may seem to simply comprise the visible pipes and faucets in and around your home, but the reality is that it is much more extensive than that. An average household will have an extensive network of pipes that are buried underground. The larger your house, the more far-reaching this network will be. These pipes are connected to your municipal water to provide you with clean water for your household use.

Additionally, these pipes are also connected to your sewerage system so they also work to eliminate wastewater from your home. Whether you in the throes of new home build construction or if you have lived in your residence for years on end, you will require excavating services for your plumbing. To learn more, read on for a few things worth noting about residential plumbing excavation.

Why would you need to enlist excavation services for plumbing purposes?

There is a variety of reasons when excavating your property would be necessary for your plumbing. In the case of a new home build, you would need to hire professional excavation services so that they can dig up trenches. These trenches provide your home builders with space to install the hardware required for your home to be connected to working plumbing. Thus, it is an unavoidable step in the construction process.

Individuals that already having plumbing installed and have been living on the same property for years may think these services will be unnecessary but this is incorrect. In some scenarios, root intrusion can happen to your plumbing, which is when tree roots invade the plumbing pipes and this causes blocked drains and sewer backups in your home. In this instance, excavating the plumbing will be necessary so that repairs can be carried out. Hydro jetting may be necessary depending on the severity of the blockages.

Furthermore, you will need to hire excavations services when it is time to replace your plumbing hardware. Iron pipes, for example, have a short lifecycle since they eventually succumb to corrosion. Excavating these pipes and replacing them with more durable materials such as PVC pipes will help prolong the lifespan of your plumbing system.

What goes into the excavation process?

Like most other construction projects, excavating your property cannot occur until you have acquired the right permits. Thus, the first step to the process will be applying for these permits from your local council.

Once approved, the excavation contractors will inspect the property so that they can identify the location of all utility lines, including the gas line. This step is necessary so that there is no risk of accidental damage.

Lastly, the contractors will then measure the area that needs work and then clear this area so that they can embark on the project without posing any risk to the pre-existing utilities. If you need help with excavating, contact a contractor in your area. 

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