Why Rigging Services Are Essential For Dismantling Old Buildings

When you think of cranes and rigging services that come along with them, most people associate them with the construction of new buildings. From skyscrapers to residential homes, most people use some form of crane in construction, but what you may not realise is that they are also heavily used in the dismantling of old buildings. If you are considering a knockdown rebuild or simply demolishing an old structure on your property, then you should utilise rigging services, and here are three reasons why.

Heritage Buildings

Australia's cities have some very old buildings that are actually heritage listed and therefore cannot simply be demolished. Before you begin any demolition work, you need to ensure that your property isn't protected and, if it is, then you need to be very careful about how you go about proceeding with your deconstruction. Cranes and rigging services come in very handy in these scenarios, because they allow you to take apart buildings and components of buildings (sometimes the part of the building heritage listed will only be a facade or a portion of the property) without completely destroying them. This allows you to comply with heritage laws while also letting you make a new building more suited to your needs.


Many roofing materials in the past used asbestos (either bonded or friable) as part of the construction. If your roof has asbestos in it, then it should only be removed with the very utmost of care, and that is where rigging services can help. Instead of just tearing your old building apart with excavators, cranes will delicately remove each asbestos-laden section and store it so that it can be disposed of properly. This reduces the amount of asbestos fibres shot into the air and keeps you and your workers safe as construction continues.

Large Buildings

Sometimes it can be exceptionally dangerous to try and demolish a particular type of building, such as a large silo or a multi-storey apartment complex. With these types of buildings, there are really only two ways of demolition: explosive or crane operated. Explosive demolition requires a lot of safety permits, can take months to organise and is also not always as effective as you think. Rigging services, on the other hand, are always effective at what they do. Cranes are used to create these large buildings, and they can just as easily be used to take them apart.

To learn more, contact a crane hire that offers rigging services in your area.

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