3 Ways to Profit From Your Homestead Land Clearing Project

Starting a homestead project and lifestyle is something many people are considering. Any homesteading project usually comes with some form of land clearing. This process can be time-consuming and costly, but you will need it to place barns for storage and clear land for food production. If you want to get some of that money back, or even make a profit from your homestead land clearing project, here are three ways to do it.

Selling Raw Timber

The first way to make a profit back on your homestead land clearing project is by selling the timber off. There are many lumberyards, contractors and artisans that are in the market for various types of raw timber. The timber can be used in several projects depending on the buyer. The ideal aspect of this is that you can sell the timber according to the type of wood, the length and even the amount. This allows you some room to charge what you want and what the timber is worth.

Firewood Sales

You can take a few extra steps with the wood from land clearing and cut it down into firewood. During colder months of the year, this can be a lucrative way to profit off of the land clearing you have done. If you go with this route for making a profit, then you will need to treat the wood and keep it in a dry place to avoid mould, mildew and wood rot. You can also chip down some of the wood to be used in smokers and grills for food smoking and preparation.

Heavy Equipment Training

Though you may be renting the equipment from a heavy equipment hire, you can still use the land clearing process for training. You can hold training classes on the use of the excavator, cranes and other heavy equipment to homesteaders trying to pick up the skills. This can be a lucrative side business, especially if you own a very large homestead. The profit from this type of business can go a long way to building your equipment options and creating the homestead you want.

These are just three ways to profit from your homestead land clearing project. If you are ready to get started, visit your local equipment hire for heavy equipment, like excavators, that you'll need for this project. If you feel there is too much land to handle yourself, contact your local land clearing contractor.

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