Do you need to demolish your house?

When your home becomes unsafe conducting a controlled house demolition is usually the only sensible thing to do. Whether your home has become damaged and needs to be completely rebuilt from the foundation up, or whether you have purchased land with an existing structure and need it removed so you can build a new house, a residential demolition is the easiest way to proceed.

What type of house demolition do you need?

Sometimes you only want a partial house demolition, and sometimes the whole structure needs to come down. Sometimes there are important special requirements to consider when you are collecting quotes from a demolition contractor. Understanding what is involved in the job is important to ensure any quotes you obtain are accurate, and that they properly reflect the work that needs to be undertaken.

Do you have any special considerations?

If you have neighbouring properties that you don't want to damage than arranging for an implosion so that the property collapses in on itself is important. You don't want to find yourself responsible for accidentally destroying your neighbours home while you are demolishing your own property!

You will need to be aware of any hazardous materials that may be on the site. If the house contains asbestos that will need to be safely disposed of at the time of demolition.

Finally, you will need to ensure that every quote your receive includes the cost of clean-up after the demolition has taken place. You don't want to be left with an unexpected bill for emptying the site once the demolition contractor has left and moved on to their next job.

Find a demolition contractor you trust

There are plenty of people willing to quote for a house demolition. Before you agree to hire anyone you will need to be confident that they are competent to take on the project and that they are fully insured and qualified for every aspect of the demolition. It is always worth asking to look through the portfolio of any potential contractor and asking for references from past clients to ensure they were fully satisfied with the service they received. Start comparing your options by contacting companies like Demoworks.

Once you have contractor with whom you are happy you can ask them for a detailed quote. Remember to work through the quote with the contractor and make sure that everything you need is covered. Don't be satisfied with verbal assurances you must have everything included in the written quote so that both you and the house demolition contractor are in doubt exactly how the job will proceed.

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