Commercial Construction: Should You Install Bored Piers in Your Foundation?

Bored piers are reinforced concrete piles which are designed to support high vertical loads. Therefore, if you are planning on constructing a commercial structure, you should think about using this type of foundation shaft. If you are interested in using bored piers or piling in your new building but are uncertain about the suitability, you should consider the outlined potential advantages before making your decision.

Variable Piling Depth

Bored piles are favourable because units of varying depths or lengths can be installed into the soil. This property is beneficial if you are building on a site with poor soil conditions. For example, establishing a foundation on soft or loose soil such as sand can be difficult. However, if you have bored piling, you can use piers with different lengths to penetrate and find the suitable soil beneath the loose material. This process will allow you to establish an ideal foundation on harsh sites with irregular ground conditions. You should also note that bored piles are beneficial in areas with significant frost penetration and variable seasonal moisture. You can extend the piers beyond the reach of frost and water, avoiding damage during winter and wet months.

Ease of Installation

Bored piles are easy to install in comparison to other types of foundation. In general, the construction process will not necessitate extensive excavation of the worksite. Therefore, the amount of labour and the equipment required will not be highly costly. In addition, you will not require a lot of backfill. Typically, the ground will only need to be drilled using a special bore piling machine. The equipment has specialised buckets, grabs and other attachment which will drill the particular areas intended for the installation of the bored piers. As a result, you will get a firm foundation while minimising the time and resources required for your commercial construction.

Minimal Environmental Disruptions

One of the common concerns in commercial foundation construction is the disturbance of adjacent soil. In general, the excavation of the ground causes vibrations in the ground, and the vibrations cause disruption in the environment. The bored piling installation method does not rely on extensive excavation. Therefore, there are minimal disruptions around the work area. Also, the absence of vibration will mean minimal damage to any adjacent buildings and other structures. So, you will avoid complications which often result from compromising your immediate surroundings.

Bored piles are highly beneficial in commercial foundations. However, you should consult an experienced contractor for guidance before making a decision for the best outcome.

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