Have This in Mind When Comparing Mobile Crane Quotes

Do you have a construction project that involves lifting and moving of materials? You may find it necessary to hire a mobile crane to aid such operations. However, there are multiple mobile crane companies and different types of mobile cranes to choose from. That means you'll need to consider some things first when selecting a crane for your construction needs. One thing you need to have in mind is the cost of the mobile crane for hire. Different mobile crane companies have different quotes for their heavy equipment and machinery, and to get the best deal on the hire; you will need to compare quotes from various companies. Knowing how the quotes are determined can help make your comparison easier. With that in mind, here are some of the critical elements that affect mobile crane quotes. 

The Type of Mobile Crane You Need

Many companies calculate their quotes based on the type of mobile crane they are renting out. One significant difference between mobile cranes is how they move. You will need to choose a mobile crane based on the ground conditions on your construction site. You can go for wheeled cranes such as all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, etc. or tracked versions such as crawler cranes. 

You will be charged based on many factors such as the lift capacity of the mobile crane and its reach. The costs of hauling the equipment are also usually included in the quote. While the costs may depend on things such as the size or weight of mobile crane you hire, the wheeled models may cost you less. That's because the tracked mobile cranes, even the smallest sizes, are usually quite heavy and cannot move on the road because of the tracks. That means you will need to arrange for transport and if you need the mobile crane hire company to do that for you, it will be included in the quote. 

The Location of Your Site

How far is your construction site from the mobile crane hire company? Many companies will include travel expenses in their quotes. That means the longer the distance, the higher the quote will be. Therefore, you may want to consider comparing quotes from companies that are local to your site. 

The Cost of Insurance Coverage

Since mobile cranes are significantly expensive, mobile crane hire companies will often need to protect their equipment (through insurance) from any potential damage or loss while at your site. In most cases, the cost of the insurance will be added to the quote. However, when comparing quotes from different companies, make sure you understand how much coverage you will get. If you feel the insurance will be insufficient, you can hire from a company that does not include insurance in the quote then purchase your own insurance.

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