Three Heavy Vehicles To Consider For Your Next Construction Job

Landing a construction contract is a very exciting prospect and for many builders it is a feeling that never gets old. To know you are valued and trusted by your employer is a rewarding feeling and you always want to do your best to repay this faith. Something that many professionals struggle with, however, is trying out new solutions and methods to do their job as efficiently as possible and construction workers are no exception. This article will examine some vehicles and heavy machinery that you may have overlooked in previous contracts and that can help you fulfil this upcoming one to an even higher standard. 

Crane Truck

Crane trucks are now quite commonplace on many construction sites and have a variety of different purposes that can make the duration of the construction easier. Crane trucks have the bonus of being able to move heavy materials by themselves, without the use of an additional truck, over short distances. This allows greater mobility around smaller job sites and a quicker turn around on bigger ones. In addition to this crane trucks are much cheaper than bigger static cranes and since the crane is mounted on the vehicle there is practically no required set up or take down of the crane required. There are also many different variations of crane trucks, both small and big, so it is very likely you will find one you can use. 

Tray Top

While many tray tops, or utes, are already in use around building sites it is hard to go past adding more to the equation. They are exceptionally sturdy vehicles that provide plenty of space to move almost anything over long distances. Think of them as the 'Swiss army knife' of the construction site vehicles. It is also more than likely many of your own employees use these vehicles and hiring these vehicles from them can be cheaper than purchasing or renting from another company. 

Semi Trailer

Often overlooked on construction sites, the semi trailer is one of the biggest vehicles you can hire and as such it can transport vast amount of materials in single trips. When you rent one of these out you also get a lot of added features like expedited road side assistance and customisable trailer specification which make the semi trailer even more attractive as an option. Remember, given their large size you get a lot more use in fewer trips so your overall costs for transportation are liable to fall. Semi trailers can also double for emergency storage if the weather turns poor quickly and on construction sites with many pieces of expensive equipment this can be a life saver. 

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